Empty page after using Fred

Hi there!

I’m using Fred for the first time and I followed the Documentation and watched some video’s on YouTube. Unfortunately I’m not getting any further.

When I connect a theme template, the page displays a completely white page.
In the page source, I see that it’s putting script-fred automatically on every tag.
This is the reason why it doesn’t display anything, but I don’t know why Fred is adding script-fred on every tag.

Do I miss something?


Hi @mediakracht, welcome to the forum!

Well, fred is a bit complex to master, but once you made it, it is just awesome!
What Fred version are you using? 1.0 from the extras store?

Assuming that it is correct, here are some suggestions of mine:

  • On your template, set a top div with a text, a middle empty div, and a bottom div with another text;
  • On the middle div, set an inline style with min-height:100px and then add a new attribute: data-fred-drop-zone="your_drop_zone_name_that_has_to_be_unique";
  • On the Fred menu, create an element with your plain HTML and save it (no need to code anything by now, it is just for testing);
  • Go to the optionsets and create a new optionset with the name “Remote true” and use the following code:
  "remote": true,
  "settings": []
  • Go back to the created Element and assign this optionset and save;
  • Clear cache;

Go to the frontend on a page with a template that has Fred enabled.

You should now be able to drag and drop.
On fred 1.0 there is a known problem for elements without a height. You need to define a min-height.
On Fred 1.1.0 Release Candidate 2 (available on Fred github page), it is MUCH better when compared to Fred 1.0.

A lot of improvements were made, new features added and a lot more stable.
If you are developing a new site, then I strongly suggest to use Fred 1.1.0 RC2 to save you a bunch of headaches.

Cheers and let us know if worked.