Email not sending to own domain

We are having an issue where emails are not going to anyone at our domain name, the one we are sending from using php mailer. Emails are going out fine to all other domain names, just not to anyone at our domain (that we are sending from). To clarify, we are sending from example@ourdomain and a customer fills out a form and we send them an email from example@ourdomain, which the customer gets. We copy marketing@ourdomain, but that email doesn’t get sent for some reason. I have tried cc to another email at a different domain and it gets sent. There must be a conflict. Thoughts?

Hi @Theohio, and inside your email-inbox you are also not getting any sort error-email?

If you are using the phpMailer and “simulate” the marketing@ourdomain email-address, your own email-server might refuse the email, because it recognizes that you either don’t have that email-account, or if you do, because it knows/sees that the email didn’t actually originate from a true account/mail-server (check out “Email Spoofing”).

Anyway, I recommend you first actually create (if not already happened) the marketing@ account.
Then inside your MODX system-settings set up this email account as smtp-mail:

Set the green circles like in the screenshot, and check your email-provider for the correct settings in the yellow circles. You can find more information about setting up an external email provider in the docs.

Have you checked your spam folder? If there are lot of similar emails from the same address, they may have been flagged as spam.

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