Element Templates drop-down not saving

Has no one else noticed this? https://github.com/modxcms/fred/issues/390

Adding this to the end of the core/components/fred/processors/mgr/elements/create.class.php solves the problem.

public function afterSave()
    $templates = $this->getProperty('templates');
    $templates = array_map('intval', $templates);
    $templates = array_filter($templates);

    foreach ($templates as $template) {
        $categoryTemplate = $this->modx->newObject('FredElementTemplateAccess');
        $categoryTemplate->set('element', $this->object->id);
        $categoryTemplate->set('template', $template);

    return parent::afterSave();

Well, that was interesting. That may fix the problem of saving the templates on first save, but it completely broke Fred. Thanks to the MODX Cloud people for such efficient backups!