Edit a file with a rich text editor from the manager

Hello I need a quick guide to editing a file from the manager area using a richtext edtor.

I was thinking, using “Client Config” extra, create a field with a RichText Editor where I can call the file form a CHUNK, then on save it will modify the chunk, but didn’t work, not that easy!

So if soembody had an idea or think in a good way to do this will be welcome. Thanks!

Other Idea is using “Client Config” but not saving the data in a file, save it inside a normal “Client Config” field then call that setting field in the conde instead calling the file.

I think that might work!

Any suggestions?

Maybe you could create a CMP with MIGXdb and use a richtext field.

But if you want to handle file content (and not just database entries), you’ll have to customize at least the update processor.

MigXdb sounds as an excellent choice mate, thanks!
I’ll check that one for sure, I used it a lot before, looks like sometimes my brain just refuse to work right! :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much @halftrainedharry