Duplicate without user-selected canonical error when using weblink


I have built a site menu, where it collects the menu items from user-created resources under “menu” parent. The resource type is set to weblink.

For example:
resource title: Instagram
Weblink: https://www.instagram.com/<my_user>/
Content type: HTML
Content disposition: inline
response code: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

The generated link for this weblink page is: https://mysite.com/instagram.html
Clicking it leads to the correct page on Instagram.

This worked for 2 years. Today I received a crawl error from google search console:
Coverage issues detected on XXX
Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 Coverage issues:

The following errors were found on your site:
Duplicate without user-selected canonical

I have no idea what is the exact reason for the error or how to fix it.
Thank you for any help

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Here’s an overview of the reports, duplicate means same contents, do you have the contents repeated on another page?


Ah here it is

Duplicate without user-selected canonical: This page has duplicates, none of which is marked canonical. We think this page is not the canonical one. You should explicitly mark the canonical for this page. Inspecting this URL should show the Google-selected canonical URL.

Here is a tool to check the link/page, its linked above too


I believe the Canonical extra will solve your problem. It will add the canonical tag in the head section of the weblink.

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Thank you!
I have tried to use it and asked for a new evaluation from google.
I got a note it can take a few days.
Will check and update back

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