Dropzone Limits

Hopefully this is in the correct area.

Thanks to a lot of post here, we’re making good progress with Fred. Still finding fluid docs on how to use Fred, but trial and error are a good learning process.

At some point in time, I read a comment on a site somewhere that suggested Fred may have issues with “Lots of Dropzones”. If I recall, there was no specifics regarding that comment.

Does anyone have any insight as to the number of Dropzones one can have? I would have to believe this to be a bizarre and unfounded comment.

I ask, because we are converting an HTML template to Fred (not using any existing Modx content), but starting from scratch. We have a Lot of “zones”, example: Content areas, Feature Blocks, Images (need to be user editable) etc. For ex: on one page, we have 13 CTA, 12 Image areas and so on.

Tx for any insights.

nb: we may have to rethink how we are going to proceed with the conversion, but at this point we are trying to “mimic” the existing Modx site, in terms of presentation and editability.