Doodles extra up and running on docker

Hi there, after struggling for a couple of days in my already second shot at getting the doodles extra up and running, I wanted to share it with the community, so other people focus less on the struggle of getting the extra running and direct the attention on understanding the code, and what it does on a working environment.

The project is set up under a docker-compose architecture.

Here you can find the repo:

And here you can find a video explaining how to get the doodles container extra up and running.

I hope this is useful and saves some headaches to future people working with the tutorial.


  1. We still have one bug related to the lexicon not working, and the packaging section, besides that, you can find all the elements required on the doodles extra tutorial.

  2. For anyone checking this amazing extra, note that the doodles example, and the “extraBuilder” are created with different components, while doodles use internal MODx components, the builder creates its pages using Vue

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