[Ditto error] Evo Parse Error

Hi All,

I’m writing because after many hours I still can’t solve my problem.
From my perspective it’s with Snipped Ditto because when I switch off is then page working.
I updated my page to Evo 1.4.8 and using Ditto 2.1.3

I tried also find all chunks which one using Ditto to find for example on which one is problem but did’t work. maybe I missed something.

Do you have any idea how to fix it? Or maybe there is some other snippet which one work similar to Ditto and I could easy replace one to another?

Example Ditto code which one I using:
[!Ditto? &sortBy=pub_date &parents=35 &display=7 &hidePrivate=0 &paginate=1 &summarize=7 &tplPaginatePrevious=ditto-previous-tpl &tplPaginateNext=ditto-next-tpl &tpl=news-ditto-tpl &tplFirst=news-ditto-tpl-first!]


Hello Konrad,

the Evo discussions have moved to GitHub https://github.com/evolution-cms, since Evo does not belong to MODX anymore: https://modx.com/blog/evolution-cms-has-a-new-home

Please ask there for support. If I am right, you have to update Ditto to the last version.

There is also a slack workspace for this: https://evocmf.slack.com/, but you need an invitation.

Hi Jako,

Thanks for answer.
Also upgraded to newest version but it didn’t help.
Do you know some other snippet which one could work similar to Ditto and not will be need many changes?


As mentioned, we don’t really offer support for Evo here anymore. If you need help, the resources @jako supplied are your best bet.