Disqus and/or Quip

Our site’s share holders are asking if we can add annotations (comments) to the content on the site. The site is a database of treaties between the US government and Indian Tribes. Likely only tribal representatives and US government lawyers working for the USDA and Dept of the Interior will be posting the annotations (comments) for treaties. see https://treaties.okstate.edu

I suggested using either Quip or Disqus. I did create a sample development site using Quip for testing. But our team would like to see some MODX sites using Disqus and get advice on using Disqus. (pro/cons)

If you have a MODX site using Disqus please share a link.

Additionally any feedback on using Quip or Disqus would be very helpful.


I would err on the side of caution with regards to Disqus, it has had a myriad of privacy concerns over the years.

Elizabeth, thanks that is an important consideration. We are a library (users privacy is very important) and much of the funding for the site is provided by the US government grants and our state university library.

Greetings, I don’t have a whole lot of experience in this subject, but I know this site is great for researching alternatives: