Displaying plaintext when I use exclamation mark

Displaying plaintext when I use the exclamation mark. given code example below.

But I if remove the exclamation mark, it works.
I need someone’s help

Are those tags inside other tags? Using the exclamation point delays their processing, so their results may not be available at the time the outer tag needs them.

Making the outer tag uncached with its own exclamation point could help.

BTW, if the site_url doesn’t change, there’s no point in calling its tag uncached.

there are no outer tags.
Code example:

Site link:

So by “Displaying plaintext” you mean that uncached tags are output on the frontent as tags (e.g. [[!FormIt? ...]]) without being processed and replaced or removed.

I believe these two line in the code (of the class modResource) should do the execution/replacement.

It’s hard to see a reason why this code wouldn’t be executed.

  • Are there any errors in the error log?
  • Has your resource mistakenly a content-type that is marked as binary?
  • Do you use the default MODx parser? Have you changed the setting parser_max_iterations to something different than the default?

@halftrainedharry you made my day.
Earlier it was checked by me.

Could you please help me to make a page widget like this website?
on left sidebar should display only child pages of the current parent page

What snippet do you use to create this ‘widget’?
Maybe getResources or pdoResources?

With getResources you should be able to set the parent property to the current resource-id like this:

[[getResources? &parents=`[[*id]]` ...]]

Your tags are in a chunk, which I assume is displayed with a chunk tag. The chunk tag is the “outer tag.”

You might check to see if replacing the chunk tag with the contents of the chunk helps.

yes. I am using

[[getResources? &parents=`[[*id]]` &tpl=`child_page`]]

But it’s showing the page list when I visit parent page. from parent page if I click a child page the page list sidebar/widget disappears.

Site link: Inner Page - MODX Revolution

when I will go this page at that time sidebar should display here

If you want to display the exact same page list in the child-resource as in the parent, then you probably have to use a fix value for the &parents property.

<!-- assuming the ID of the parent-resource is 12 -->
[[getResources? &parents=`12` &tpl=`child_page`]]

If that is not an option then maybe you can us a snippet like UltimateParent to determine the correct value for the &parents property.

UltimateParent works perfectly. I really owe to @halftrainedharry .
Besides thanks to @bobray for getting me your time.