Digital Signage: Unable to Enable Player

Hi, i purchased STERC Digital Signage extra the other day and am having a tough time getting it to work. I followed the instructions to the letter, but the player simply won’t turn on, even though it is scheduled 24/7. It doesn’t even output any HTML at all, just a blank page. It’s like it just won’t sync properly or something. Has anyone had any issue like this?

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Have you tried reaching out to Sterc support (

I just did, all solved

I’m facing the exactly the same problem. Can you share the solution please?

You need to contact sterc, I wasn’t the one to fix the issue, and frankly I’m not certain I would understand the fix regardless.

The problem in this particular case was that there was no template assigned to the player.

First duplicate the default DigitalSignage template (under Elements > templates > digital signage), then edit the system setting that holds allowed player templates to add the IDs for both the original and your duplicate to it.

After that, you can edit the player in the component and pick one of the templates to use.

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