Date- & Time-Picker with FormIt

I’m looking for a nice and easy solution for date and time picker. Input fields with type=date and =time shrinks on iOS devices. :rage:
I’m using the Codyhouse framework. But the output of their pickers will not sent via email hook. I think it’s because of the JS.
I cannot believe that nobody has solved this issue with a clever and easy solution.

So what are the POST parameters that are sent to the server?
FormIt doesn’t care what’s on the frontend. It just takes the values from $_POST.

Sorry, I’m not a developer only an „implementer“. I’m using just the email hook. In my opinion the date-picker shows the value only in the related input field, but it doesn’t really change the value. The email hook cannot read this content and think it’s still empty.
If I interpret your comment, the JS of the date picker will not add the value to the POST parameters. It just allow selecting the date and showing it in the field but didn’t change the POST parameters.

As soon, as you submit your form, all values of all form - fields, including your date- and time- fields should be in the $_POST global and your formit - hooks should be able to work with them.

Whats your form - code and your formit - call?

You can fix the ios date input display issue with css. There are a bunch of different solutions. Here is a good SO thread:

So you’re using this one? Perhaps the necessary information is only available to Pro users, but I’m not seeing any name attribute in the demo or documentation.

Without a name attribute on the input, its value doesn’t get submitted, and FormIt can’t access it. There’s no reason a js datepicker can’t work with FormIt, as long as it sets its value.

So this really seems like it’s probably an issue with Codyhouse.

Personally I quite like The Datepicker (github link) as it’s vanilla js without dependencies, and is very configurable and easy to style.