Database in modx

Hi everyone. I got a question. Is there a possibility to have database (let’s say clients with their data) in modx?If so can you point me to solution?

First, you can always create an actual MySQL database and connect it to MODX. But I’m guessing you’re looking for something more integrated within MODX. Now depending on what you want to do with this data, or how it should be edited/expanded, etc. there’s a few options.

I would suggest to have a look at MIGX or if you need advanced customizability MIGXdb. Have a look at the examples within those docs to see what they can do and if that suits your needs. Basically MIGX let’s you create a custom TV (which is therefore accessible through assigned resources) where you can enter all kinds of datasets and fetch this data then wherever you need it.

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I had a look into MIGX. Looks promising. I need to have a deeper lok into this to see if one can edit MIGX TVs from frontend.

I need to have ability to edit one ‘row’ as only one ‘cell’. Also sorting would be nice.
I cannot find MIGXdb in MODX Extras, how can I install it?


It’s just MIGX in the extras, whether you use MIGX or MIGXdb depends if you simply create a TV with the type of MIGX or if you go through the separate menu and setup a full db for it.

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THx, I will try and let know.