schema deprecated

I am currently using the BreadCrumbs * Copyright 2009-2011 by Shaun McCormick v1.1.0-pl Extra.

There is no update showing as being needed but via the Google Search Console, I am getting the following error for all pages in the site:

“data-vocabulary .org schema deprecated”
“As of April 6, 2020, data-vocabulary .org markup will no longer be eligible for the breadcrumb feature in Google Search. To be eligible after April 6, 2020, you need to replace data-vocabulary .org markup with schema .org markup. Learn more about sunsetting support for data-vocabulary.”

Is there a fix for this?

It seems, someone opened a similar issue on github back in january (

You could supply your own templates when you call Breadcrumbs

[[Breadcrumbs? &bcTplCrumb=`...` &bcTplCrumbFirst=`...` ... ]]

or change the templates in the code directly.

Or you could switch to another extra like “BreadCrumb”.

I updated the code in the core/components/breadcrumbs/model/breadcrumbs/breadcrumbs.class.php file and changed:

'bcTplCrumb' => '<li itemscope="itemscope" class="B_crumb" itemtype="">[[+text]]</li>'


'bcTplCrumb' => '<li itemscope="itemscope" class="B_crumb" itemtype="">[[+text]]</li>'

and had Google Validate. It appears that I went from over 800 warnings to 42. I’m going to clear the cache and have Google validate again. Hopefully that will solve the issue.