Dashboard Error

Randomly got this dashboard error and we are unsure how to resolve it/if it’s causing issues that we’re experiencing elsewhere throughout the backend (ie. packages in package management won’t load so we can’t install any new extras)

Have you recently upgraded from MODX 2.x

If so - you might want to take a look at this issue.

If you’ve not recently upgraded - is it possible you or your host have changed the PHP version?

I think there are also quite a few bug fixes in later versions.

Today the MODX package provider was damaged and returned an error message. Maybe this caused the errors.

No we have not recently upgraded. I will check with host regarding PHP version

I don’t believe this is causing the errors on the dashboard as these errors have existed for quite some time now.

The MODX package provider, however, still is not loading. It says “Checking for packages” and continues to spin nonstop.

There was a bug in version 3.0.1:

Try upgrading to the newest MODX version.

Are there instructions somewhere for how to do this?

The steps for a manual upgrade is described here:


There also exists an extra for this:


As you can’t access the package manager, I’m not sure if you can use that.
You could try (temporarily) setting the system setting “auto_check_pkg_updates” to No. That maybe fixes the error. Then install the extra (or download the transport package from the link above and use drag/drop in the package manager to add/install it).

After speaking with our host provider, it seems these errors were caused by upgrading for PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.2. When reverting back to 7.4, these errors went away and the package manager loaded properly.