Custom Forms - Input from onClick changing only one form field

Hey all! I am making a custom input form in Formalicious and actually got it to work (sort of). Here is the chunk:

Click on the text area and it populates with date/time which is actually passed to the submitted form! Which was the original goal.

Here’s the problem: If you have more then one field (Which is named Timestamp) inside the form, once you click on the first, POOF! perfect execution. Click on the second box… small poof it changes the date/time in the first box, does nothing for the second. In theory, you should be able to have several fields selected as Timestamp just like having multiple check boxes or which ever without the selection/input changing the next input section. Does anyone have any ideas?Preformatted text

Maybe instead of a hard-coded id “time_1”, try using [[!+name]] for the textarea-id and also in your onclick-handler.

BTW to show code here in the forum, insert 3 backticks on a separate line before and after your code:

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Genius! That worked like a charm. Thank you sir, easy fixes I like. Also, thank you for the backticks info. Will do going forward!