Creation of a multifunctional website

Hello colleagues!

I would like to consult with you.
My client ordered the creation of a portal site for the sale of Korean goods and the offer of various services (language learning, etc.)

Here’s what you ultimately need:

  • Basic pages (Contacts, About us, etc.)
  • Product cards (there will be up to 100 products at the beginning, and then more)
  • Online payment
  • Cart
  • Product filters
  • Blog
  • Online chat
  • Video page
  • Personal account for visitors
  • The ability to register and pay to watch video lessons by language (so that - pay and can watch (and could not download, well, in general, so he could not resell :))
  • Possibility through the website to contact the teacher via video communication and conduct a lesson
  • Personal account for teachers

But we don’t want to do it all at once. First, it will be long and expensive. Secondly - today I can only do basic things: creating a business card site, blog, online chat.

Let’s start simple. Divide the website creation into several stages:

1st stage (This is what I can do today)

  • I find HTML template with the right design
  • typeset it for the desired structure
  • Transferring to Modx
  • I create the necessary pages (for the beginning 5-7 pages)
  • Create a menu through PdoMenu
  • Create a blog through PdoResources
  • Create comments through Tickets
  • I create product categories in the menu (such as food, water, etc.)
  • I create a simple product filter (Advise through what is the best way to do it)
  • I create product cards, which will contain photo information and a buy button leading to the feedback form

2nd stage (This is what today I do not know how to do)

  • Add a personal account for the user
  • Add a personal account for the teacher
  • I make it possible for them to contact via the website by video and conduct a lesson online

3rd stage (This is what today I do not know how to do)

  • I set up online payment
  • Install the cart
  • I install the functionality so that visitors can view or download lessons for a fee

My question is - Is it possible to implement all this (this is all a project on paper, but in reality, is it possible to do everything like that)? Is the approach normal - to make a business card site with simple functionality, and then add the rest of the functionality to all this?

Absolutely, the best thing about Modx is it’s extensibility, but you’ll need to plan this out right and start learning the basics of the next steps.

For the shopping element I highly recommend commerce by Modmore ( In fact if you have a Modx Cloud account you can use the extra for free while you develop the site. The great thing is they have a great starter Theme called Red that can be installed using the package manager that will set up Login and User accounts for you.

You can then create different user account controls for teachers and students, you’ll also need a different registration form for student and teacher (to keep things clean).

Sounds like quite a complicated build, but take your time to plan it out. I do recommend that you start by installing Commerce and the Red theme to help you get a jump start on using the Login Extra. Build out the simple sections of the site you know how to do then start working on the user areas.

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Thank you Nathanael for such an extended and encouraging answer :)!

I want to ask. Could you tell us a little more about “planning”. Can I make a “regular-simple” site first (1st stage) and then gradually add functionality?
Please also tell us more about Modx Cloud (maybe just drop the link to the right place where to read). Also, please discard the link so that I can read about the Red theme to start studying this topic.
Thank you Nathanael again!
It’s good that there are kind people in this community :slight_smile:

I just started to get acquainted with Modmore and commerce … And I saw that these are all paid solutions. I want to clarify. As you can see, I am a beginner developer and my friend to whom I will make this site is also not a rich person. Frankly, in Ukraine (where I come from) salaries are not high (especially now). So I will be looking for free solutions. If I had the opportunity, I would gladly use Modmore. But not now. I do not know if all this corresponds to your etiquette … But if possible, then advise options for free solutions (I, for example, heard about minishop)

Hi @NetSergio

You could take a look at the E-Commerce related extras available on the MODX website:
50 E-Commerce Extras

I have not used any of these myself, so I can’t recomend any from personal experience, but I would suggest taking a look at miniShop2.

Vasiliy Naumkin (@bezumkin2) is the developer of this extra and he has developed many other very well respected extras like PDO Tools.

Having said that, if you were able to afford the cost of Commerce I think you would find the support you would get from @markh of modmore would be very valuable to you.

Good luck with your project.

I don’t see why not - your 3 stages seem like a good plan. Grow the site as it is needed.

For the third stage of adding payments, it’s worthwhile to think ahead a little to avoid extra work down the road.

While Commerce lets you add a TV to a resource to turn it into a payable product, other solutions may require a different structure. MiniShop2 comes with custom resources, so a regular document would need to be changed into a product. If you already know for sure you’re going to use MiniShop, you could consider including that in your first stage to create products the way MS wants them to be stored - even if you don’t yet implement the cart yet. If you’re going to have hundreds of products, that may save you quite some time having to change things down the road.

Thank you very much colleagues!
What a good thing the community is!

I am very grateful for Mark Hamstra’s advice on MiniShop2. Yes, I will create products immediately through it.

Yes, Vasiliy Naumkin is a very respected person here (Russia, Ukraine) and PdoTools is a very good tool.

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Hi @NetSergio, please forgive my initial assumption. One of the great things about Modx is the fact you can use whatever you want to get the job done. There are a few free E-Commerce solutions available for Modx, like Mini Shop as you and a few others have mentioned.

In your initial question you laid out what you thought your steps to build were, I think this is pretty spot on. As @markh said, if you have an idea of the structure of the shop and you know you want to use MiniShop then plan your site around the end goal of adding MiniShop.

Check out login ( for creating and managing user accounts. Then read, as this is one of the hardest things to get your head around with Modx (At least it was for me). Once you understand access controls you’ll be able to create different dashboards/ areas for students and teachers.

Let us know how you get on


This is the kind of requests we get from prospects, and the reason why we use MODXW for ours replies.
We use MODX and do all that kind of services using MODX Extras, including our own (see modx Snowup Presentations).
We can provide you with more help if you need, advice is free :slight_smile: