Creating a toolbar/delete option for an element within a dropzone?

So I love Fred and continue to enjoy learning it. However, I did not see any tutorial on how to add toolbar options to elements within Dropzones. I have an

    list for example that I’d like to allow the user to add or remove list items or move the items in the list up or down. Is this possible?

    Here’s an example I have setup

<ul data-fred-dropzone="list" class="">
        <li data-fred-dropzone="item" data-fred-name="list-item"></li>
        <li  data-fred-dropzone="item" data-fred-name="list-item">

Thank you!

I suppose you have to put the list item into its own Fred-element.

One element for the list

<ul data-fred-dropzone="list" class=""></ul>

and another one for the list item

<li data-fred-name="list-item" contenteditable="true"></li>

may work.

Okay, I tried adding the contenteditable=“true” into this and it didn’t work but got me closer. So I tried another approach and it worked. I created an empty dropzone <ul> first and then made the list items a separate element to add in. That seemed to do the trick. A little wonky for a workaround, but better than nothing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

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