Creating a blog page in MODX Revolution 2.7.2-pl

Hey there. I need some help adding an additional page with a nice layout to an existing site.

Later on, I am planning to implement SEO with the help of the blog.

FYI - once I log into the admin panel, I have in the side panel 3 tabs: recourses, element, and files.

Step-by-step recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Maybe take a look at this page:

There also exists the extra Articles, that you could use.

There is the extra SEOSuite that can help with SEO.

In MODX, you usually define the layout yourself.

Well… I am not a technical person so I was hoping that there would be an easy way to add an extra page to an existing site.

Edit: I revised my initial question for clarity.

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In the “Resources” panel, you can click the :heavy_plus_sign: button (or right-click → “Create” → “Document”) to create a new page/resource.

But if you want the layout to be different from your other resources, then it gets “technical” and you’ll also need to create a new template (and maybe new template variables).