Create new document, template preview image is not showing

not a train smash but if you click on new document and select a template. The image next to the template does not show no matter the path.

It shows path

but does not render image with phpthumb?


anyone got same issue?

Do the thumbnails in the rest of the MODX manager (e.g. in the “Media Browser”) work correctly?
Is the image path correct?

It may be related to this github issue:

yes rest works correctly, images show. they only dont show in template preview. that bug was posted by me

The “Media Browser” and the template picker window use the same file connectors/system/phpthumb.php to create the thumbnails.

So what is the difference in the HTML image src attribute, between your template image in the “Media Browser” and in the template picker window?

Does it work if you use no Media Source for the template image?

same file

example in media browser (shows thumb fine)


example in “Create Document” with default Media Source


Does not render

I also tried different paths when no media source is selected including the path
images%252Ftemplates%252Fdl.png and it does output anything.