Core is (partially) Accessible Warning on Runcloud

So I have seen a lot of posts of the years with the core accessible issue and never experienced it myself until now. I have a number of clients that use wordpress and I have been happy with Runcloud for managing those sites. I wanted to get back into Modx and have had no issues installing the CMS, but no matter what I do I cannot seem to get the core accessible error to go away.

I have made sure the .htaccess files are correctly named, tried a dozen different recommended versions of the files from the forums, and I have tried following the instructions in the Modx Hardening page including the NIGNX configs.

I am running a Digital Ocean Droplet with Runcloud managing the Modx 2.8.4. The Runcloud webapp is set to NIGNX + Apache2 Hybrid so the htaccess should be working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

May be a separate issue but I recently had a similar problem with Siteground hosting - resolved here: Core Accessible on Siteground Hosting

Thanks for responding! I have looked through things and cannot seem to find any active server-side caching like you had on siteground. Going to keep looking.