Context question

before I only ever setup contect on multi domains

can I setup a context that works by folder?


or without SEF


I keep on just getting a white page?
modx3 php 8.0

do I need a plugin? surely this should work without one as it is same domain?

bit confused with the contexts any oone can point me in right direction?

what additional settings do I need under context settings as I just

Yes, you always need a plugin.

MODX is always initialized with the same context (usually web) and some code has to run to switch to the correct context for this specific request.

You can either create a custom plugin or use one of the various context-router-extras that exist.

ah ok I thought it could be done without a plugin as I dont want to use alot of plugins. noted thanks

If you mean by folder in the MODX tree, yes. If you mean by folder on the servers’ drive, it’s theoretically possible, but it would be much more difficult and would require custom code.

just the modx tree as everything is sitting in the same folder on the server

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