Context multi-site isn't working

so hello i am trying to set up multisite using context i followed this guide
and is this actual? like can base_url point to https? because in example it’s http.
also in apache should i point documentroot to modx root or to individual folder site ?
/www/modx/ here?
/www/modx/subdomanin - or here?
i have two subdomains there.

first domain is working the second is 404 error

Setting modx:
base url: /www/modx/
url first domain: /www/modx/site-first
url second domain: /www/modx/site-two
First Edit Context -> Context Setting:
base_url - /www/modx/site-first
http_host -
site_startt 7
site_url - hh
base_url - /www/modx/site-two
http_host two.example…
site_startt 7
site_url - hhhttps://two.example…
In apache:
<VirtualHost *:443>
ServerName first.example…
ServerAlias first.example…
DocumentRoot /www/modx/site-first

<VirtualHost *:443>
ServerName two.example…
ServerAlias two.example…
DocumentRoot /www/modx/site-two

Try Lingua, much easier.

Lingua is for a multi-language site. Is that what you’re doing? If not and is a multi site setup with different domains per context then you need a context router. You can use X-routing for this.

And also there is ContextRouter:

update first post, thx for answer