ContentBlocks with TVs?

Is it possible to use ContentBlocks inside Rich Text TVs?

ContentBlocks replaces your content field, so no.

What is it you’re looking to achieve? Maybe I can offer some alternative ideas.

I can use Templates inside TinyMCE, but ContentBlocks is better for many things! I have some sites that use more than one type of content area, each being equivalent in importance. For example, I have one site that has “top content” and “bottom content”, separated by an area that is used for product listings, product prices, reviews, etc. I don’t want the client to have to enter a snippet tag where this middle content goes in every page on their website, so splitting the content in two is much easier and safer.

You could do something like this with Content Blocks:

Where the Product Listings content above is a new CB Field using the input type, “Chunk”.

Set it to call your Product Listings chunk:

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That won’t work for the case I cited above. The middle section (product info) is hard-coded into the page template, with an option to add more through a TV, so the two content areas have to be completely separate.