Content in admin panel, news site

I’m an absolute newcomer to MODx. I make a news site and I don’t understand how all this huge amount of content (news) will be organized in the admin panel? I have read some manuals that explain that the content is created on the basis of “resources.” In the admin panel, they are in the left column. If I create 10,000 such pages (news), will they be presented as a list? This is a huge and unnecessary load on the server. And if 100k or 1m, what will it all look like? In general, I do not quite understand how to create content for huge sites with a large number of articles? Or is this CMS not suitable for this kind of sites?

For news, you don’t want to be creating regular resources in the tree on the left. That would indeed be troublesome. Use a plugin (extra) like Collections instead (StackPath). Then your news items will appear in a list on the right, showing only a few at a time (20 is the default but can be changed), and you can filter the list by typing in key words. MODX can handle thousands of pages easily — I have a couple of sites that do this.

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ok, I’ll try it. Thanks