"Content" field lexicon

I know how to change the name of a resource Content field via its lexicon, but is it possible to display a different name for different users? For example, an admin would see the default “Content” but a different usergroup might see “Sandbox” instead.

You can achieve this with Manager Customization.

  1. Create a new Profile under Gear Icon > Manager Customization and assign it to your desired user group
  2. Within that profile create a new set for the action Create & Update Resources (you can further adjust this for only a selected template as well)
  3. Right click > edit that set and enter your desired name in the column Label for modx-resource-content

By doing Manager Customization you can also easily hide whole tabs or different individual settings, very helpful when you don’t want your clients to be able to change certain values or to simplify their workspace.

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First, thank you vibedesign, that worked perfectly.

Secondly (and I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this), I had already configured a rather elaborate Manager Customization for numerous templates and users but never had a need to venture into the Label or Default Value columns [slaps forehead and makes mental note].

I appreciate the assistance!

– Todd

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I was unable to make this work in MODX 3, but maybe I’m missing something. Have you tried it there?

Hi bobray,

I have not tried this (or anything) in MODX 3 yet.

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