Content block conditional render [[+nested:is=`1`:then=` `]] not working

Hi , Thanks in advance for reading this post.
I have just updated modX 2.8 to 3.0.3 but this if else statement is not working on my content block
[[+nested:is=1:then= ]]
rather showing as hardcoded text
Has anyone got a solution ?

There have been several problems with output modifiers in MODX 3.
In MODX 3.0.3, there is still one that’s not fixed. It occurs when there are single square brackets in the code.

Maybe try applying this pull request and see if that fixes the issue:

Thanks for the reply , it looks like we don’t have a modParserTes.php in the ModX folder present in our server .
Any idea how come or how to go about it ?
Thanks in advance.

Ignore the “modParserTest.php” file in the pull request.

The important part is the other file (core/src/Revolution/Filters/modInputFilter.php) that should be updated.