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I’m making a new site where I want to use a contact form for the users of the page. I’m new to ModX and would like to hear your best options for either making a contact form or using a plugin of sorts. What would you guys recommend me to do?

Have a look at the FormIt extra for MODX

Also if you’re new to MODX checkout my free youtube course which is still growing weekly, next video is actually formit part 2 which describes funcitons of formit such as email, validation etc (part 1 just talks about hooks and prehooks mostly)

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Yep, I installed it. How do I choose which [[formIt? ]] to use on my form. The client has some forms from before that uses FormIt and they use one [[formIt]] tag to choose which adress to send the mail to and all of that. So do I have to specify which snippet to use for what form?

formit itself is the snippet which you can then pass props into such as &emailTo to specify who it should email. Check the documentation link above or the formit video in the playlist above for further clarification.

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Try this:

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You might also want to take a look at the SPForm extra, which creates a simple, spam-proof contact form when installed. It usually works right out of the box.

If you go here and click on Contact, you can see the default contact form.

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