Compatibility PHP 8.1 / MySQL 8

I stopped freelancing a while ago but still occasionally support long time clients with old MODX installs.

I currently have a MODX setup with version 2.7.3.
The clients webhoster is updating PHP to 8.1 soon, keeping 7.4 as the oldest version - which the install is running on now.

MySQL will be updated to version 8.

My question now is: will MODX 2.7.3 run with PHP 7.4 (or 8.1) and MySQL 8?

Thanks so mucg for you help!

Once you upgrade MODX to 2.8.3, you should find it works fine up to at least 8.0. Same with MySQL 8 - it’s a bit stricter than 5 and needed some fixes but the latest stable should work.

Given 8.1 (stable) was released, like, yesterday there’s probably not been a ton of people using that yet and it’s worth trying on staging first. I don’t expect that’ll to be as much work as the upgrade to 8.0.

Mark, thanks for the quick reply!

I was hoping not having to upgrade MODX itself (don’t yell at me, I’ve switched jobs!).
But I guess it will be neccessary if MySQL 8 is stricter? Oh well… ok then.


Whilst the MODX core should work fine, you’ll need to make sure that any Extras are also compatible. I’ve been caught out by a couple of bugs in Extras caused by MySQL8 being more strict.