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Hello Modx Community!
Are there any extras to create a community section for a website? This might include, user interactions such as message posts for questions and answers, networking, profiles, share files, etc…

I Appreciate any suggestions.


I don’t know of any MODX-native extras that do this. Wish there were! There used to be one, but it never got fully developed and is no longer maintained.

There are various third-party systems people have used along with MODX in the past. I’d be curious to hear what people are using now, especially along with MODX 3.


That sounds more like a forum software, rather than a CMS feature.
I’d be interested in hearing your use case though, maybe we could make something for you.

Yes, forum, but could be done through an extra. The old extra was called “Discuss” and added forums directly into MODX. I used it in one site and it worked pretty well at the time. People have had success with VanillaForums (which I did, too), but don’t know if that is still a good option. Discourse seems popular at the moment, and there is an extra to create some integration:

Thanks for all that value information. I will check out ModDiscourseSSO as you suggested.

I am looking into Articles streamlines blogging, commenting, archiving, tagging and other features - maybe the latest version can send notifications out -


This looks promising!

Thanks a lot!!

As far as I am aware Articles is not really usable at the moment, commenting and such use Quip which is not working properly. For anything similar I usually use collections and tagger which works well for everything but has no commenting feature.

I think for a proper forum integration Discourse is the best/ most powerful option.

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Thanks a lot for the insights and advice. Discourse will do!

: )