Commerce continue checkout process after registering

So Commerce does function very well with the Login Extra, but one thing I haven’t figured out yet, is this:

  • redirect a user who has registered during checkout back to the checkout process
  • AND
  • still redirect users who register “randomly” to their profile page

So the register snippet redirects to the register handeler, which contains the ID to the resource, the user gets redirected to, but how can I distinguish between users in the checkout process and normal users?

// register handeler


The simplest solution is probably to have 2 separate registration flows; one for “random” signups and one that’s more intertwined with Commerce. The commerce one would redirect back to the checkout, and might automatically activate the account rather than require email validation first.

There’s also a feature request to add automatic signup from the provided address; if you think that would be useful you could vote for it.

PS: While I do try to monitor the MODX forum, I would like to suggest posting Commerce questions in the modmore/Commerce forums to keep everything in one place. Also makes it easier for me to keep track of questions as I don’t immediately see everything that gets posted here.

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That sounds indeed like a pretty easy solution, thanks alot!


Sorry for that, my intention was rather to lift some work from your shoulders as I feel this forum is a little more active, so I thought maybe someone else could help out as I felt I’m asking you things quite alot recently :innocent: But will post future related threads in the modmore forum for sure! Thanks again, for providing solutions at this late time of the day!

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