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Hey Guys,

Im currently helping my mother to add a function to her website that enables her to list courses, create a checkout with payment methods and create email invoices.

The MODX version of is 2.7.2 and Im not sure which add-on/plug-in fits my needs the best.

Do you know a good program I could buy/use? Which different options exist?

Thank you for your help and happy eastern :slight_smile:


Have you had a look at Commerce for MODX yet?

Commerce has an extension called “UserGroupShipment” which sounds like it would be perfect for your use case. It replaces a shipping method in the traditional sense, instead adding the customer to a user group which can be given access a restricted section of your website containing online courses for example.

Or, if they are not online courses, there’s another Digital Products extension that allows digital downloads after payment has been made.

There are many payment methods to choose from and it handles emailing invoices with ease :wink:

I’ve worked with it a lot, so if you have any questions I’m happy try and answer them!


Thank you very much for your fast answer.

I did consider commerce and just bought it :slight_smile:

I will now grind my way through the set up and all of the possible extensions.
In case of problems I will come back to your offer :wink:

Cheers, N00B

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No problem! :ok_hand:

There’s also a dedicated forum for modmore extras.
Here’s the Commerce category: