CMP with MIGX: publish and delete not working

After upgrading php to 7.4 and modx 2.8.1
publish and delete is giving this:
ext-base.js:21 POST 500

publish and delete via checkmark and batch action from top works

permissions folder/files 755/644 checked

When you open the “Network” tab in the developer tools of the browser and click on the requests that fail, is there an error message in the response of these requests?

What version of MIGX are you using?

Why did you upgrade to a 2-year-old version of MODX?

On the response tab I get “this request has no response data available”

The upgrade tile in the manager offerd me only one higher version 2.8.2 if I remember correctly. And upgrading to this fully broke the system, no login even possible. So I restored and returned to 2.8.1.

I now saw that generation 3 is offered too. Not sure if I should try to fix that first or just give 3 a shot.

If I recall correctly, MODX version 2.8.2 had some issue (that where fixed with version 2.8.3).
I would try updating to MODX 2.8.4.

The update to MODX 3 can still be challenging, depending on the extras you have installed. The chance that you create more problems with an update is quite high.

As you get a 500 error. Can you check the PHP error log file to see what error message is generated. (The location of the PHP error log depends on the server setup and is independent of MODX.)

The version of the MIGX extra might be relevant (and is probably more relevant than the MODX version).

migx version 3.0.0-alpha5

the upgrade to 2.8.4 went well. But still the same error in the CMP persists.

upgrade to version 3 cause heavier problems.
first I had to fiddle around with Guzzle7 installs
But then savings on a resouecepage also have a 500:

about:blank:1          POST 500
ext-all.js:21 Uncaught {message: ' Json object not found'}
read @ ext-all.js:21
handleResponse @ utilities.js?mv=301pl:377
processResponse @ ext-all.js:21
success @ ext-all.js:21
o @ ext-all.js:21
s @ ext-all.js:21
I @ ext-all.js:21
load (async)
F @ ext-base.js:21
addListener @ ext-base.js:21
m @ ext-all.js:21
h @ ext-all.js:21
addListener @ ext-all.js:21
doFormUpload @ ext-all.js:21
request @ ext-all.js:21
run @ ext-all.js:21
(anonymous) @ ext-base.js:21
setTimeout (async)
defer @ ext-base.js:21
doAction @ ext-all.js:21
submit @ ext-all.js:21
submit @ modx.panel.js?mv=301pl:103
handleClick @ modx.component.js?mv=301pl:287
onClick @ ext-all.js:21
I @ ext-all.js:21

And the frontend is generates no output from the getPage

   &limit=`[[!getUrlParam:default=`5`? &name=`tvFilterItemLimit`]]`

   &processTVList= `eventstart,eventend,images,eventImageOrText,B-1,B-2,B-3,B-klein-1,B-klein-2` 
   &sortdirTV= `ASC` 
   &tvFilters=`[[!getUrlParam:default=`%`? &name=`tvFilterArt`]][[!getUrlParam:default=`%`? &name=`tvFilters` &max=`30`]],[[!getUrlParam:notempty=`eventstart<<`? &name=`tvFilters2` &max=`30`]][[!getUrlParam:default=`%`? &name=`tvFilters2` &max=`30`]],archiviert==0`


For the 500 errors, please check the PHP error log to get the specific error messages.

For the MIGX problem: Can you post your MIGX configuration (right-click → Export/Import → copy the JSON field) and the schema, so I can test if I can reproduce the issue.