Close button not always working


The Close button isn’t always working when editing a resource

Step to reproduce

Not sure. Just edit a page, save, and then click the Close button.

Observed behavior

Nothing happens. Javascript console shows this error:

Uncaught TypeError: b.isDirty is not a function
at MODx.panel.ImageTV. (ext-all.js:21)
at Ext.util.MixedCollection.each (ext-all.js:21)
at constructor.isDirty (ext-all.js:21)
at MODx.panel.Resource.isDirty (modx.panel.js:222)
at (update.js:90)
at S.onClick (ext-all.js:21)
at HTMLSpanElement.I (ext-all.js:21)

Is anyone else having this problem?


MODX 2.8.1

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Probably the same problem as in this issue on github.

@rainbowtiger Fixed

Yes, that works. Thanks!