CleanTalk Anti-spam

I’m just testing out CleanTalk with formit and on my own site it seems to be working well. The only thing that’s bothering me is if I was to roll this out onto my clients’ websites, there seems no other way of checking submitted form that have been marked as spam, other than logging into CleanTalk. This raises a couple of issues: 1. I couldn’t really ask clients to log in to CleanTalk to check every day if there has been something that isn’t spam. 2. Previously using google recaptcha along with FormitSaveForm I could at least point clients to all forms to see if anything in there wasn’t actually spam.

Am I missing something?

Most solutions for spam protection use a FormIt hook snippet.
CleanTalk works differently. It is executed for every page load on the event OnLoadWebDocument.
If spam is detected, it outputs an error message and immediately terminates the code execution. The FormIt snippet never even runs.

So I believe that you are right, and that there is no way (inside MODX) to detect if a form was sent and classified as spam (to log/save it somewhere).
I think for that, you’d have to deactivate the plugin and write a custom snippet hook.

I’ve just been talking to their support and there is an ‘Extra-package’ that can send a report for each domain at intervals that can be set but it doesn’t actually show full reports in the email so you’d still have to log in to check. So I don’t think it’s actually practical for a business like mine to roll it out to each client. Currently using reCaptcha and FormisSaveForm at least it also captures any emails that may have failed to reach the inbox for any technical reasons or because of local spam settings. Pity really as it seems to work well while I’m testing it.

Maybe this helps, because it has a built in CMP for the Submissions?

Yes I’ve seen it thank you but would be quite expensive to roll out on multiple sites

Just correcting what I’ve said above - a separate report cam through later in the day, that contained a detailed list of anti-spam events. So it’s pretty good. Still just the downside of not being able to capture emails in the MODX - formit database in the event of something failing.