Chunks/templates/etc not pathed correctly - SOLVED

Good afternoon all,

I’m developing a new website and I’m a bit confused here.I installed ModX for a new site through GoDaddy and I’ve never done that before. I’ve run into an odd problem where when I try to tell a chunk, template, or less/css files ModX doesn’t seem to link it quite right.

Now, I’ve used FTP to upload the initial files which ModX does see. So I go in and I try to link a new chunk/template to a file that is uploaded to the server. I then use my text editor to quickly upload from my hard drive to the ftp server.

As typed this out, I wanted to confirm my ftp (filezilla) was updating the right path, and it was. Then I double checked to see if my text editor was uploading to the right path - IT WAS NOT. It was saving to / instead of /www/ like it should have been.

I decided to post this even though I just solved my own problem to help other noobs, or even myself in the future. Thanks you