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Changing php version revolution 2.7.3

Is it posssible on a existing installation of revolution 2.7.3 with php 5.6 to change to php 7.1 or 7.2 ?

It’s possible if your host allows it in cPanel (or the equivalent). Most do.

MODX should run fine on either 7.1 or 7.2, though you may see some errors in the log if your extras are out of date or you have custom code that contains functions deprecated in those versions.


Thanks for you’re answer, indeed my host works with Cpanel , the only extra i’am worried about is Articles, but first i make a back-up and then give of a try.
I have some snippets made myself, but i think they don’t give any errors.

Thanks very much, when things are online I will show the site. It is Dutch company where I work for and designing a site is a hobby.


Might be worth a look, if you end up having any 503 errors afterwards:

Fisrt i will make a back-up then change the php version and then do a clean installation, install all the plugins which i use. Then copy all the files from the back-up without the configfiles and in phpmyadmin import the database … is thuis a better solution then just change php version ???


I am using Modx 2.7.3 with PHP7.3 with no issues.

Started with Modx 2.4.2 with PHP5.6 and it has been a successfull story upgrading Modx and also raising the PHP version.
Of course this requires local testing first to ensure that all runs fine. Then change php version on the CPanel, otherwise unpredictable results can be seen.


Thanks for you’re answer, I will try to do so.


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