Changes in the TAG TV in MODX 3.x now has required input options when saving the TV


In MODX 3.x the input options is now a required field.

Observed behavior

I upgraded a site from 2.8.5 to 3.0.4. I was trying to edit some TAG TVs but was unable to save the edits (not values in resources but actual TV element) . The input options is now a required field. The TVs are intended for freeform input of tags, not a controlled vocabulary.

How do I create freeform tagging for resources. I want the Content Editors to be able to enter any tags they might need.

Expected behavior

I should not have to predefine all the possible tags. Can I have a simple predefined list but allow the content editors to enter new tags when editing documents


This change was probably unintentional.
I suspect when the panel for the TVs was refactored, the field “Tag Options” was set to ‘required’ as for most of the other types.

I don’t think the behavior in the tab “Template Variables” of the resource has changed. It should still be possible to insert any value you like into the TV value.

I don’t think you have to.
Just set “Tag Options” to some of the most often used values, so that you can save the TV changes.

There exists also the type “Auto-Tag”. Or maybe you could use the normal “Text” type, if you don’t need predefined tags at all.

The JS code could be changed to allow an empty field “Tag Options” again.

Here in the code

add the line defaultProps.allowBlank = true; The problem is, that the system setting compress_js has to be set to “No” to see the changes. And it will get overwritten on the next MODX update.

Maybe open an issue on Github if you want this problem to get fixed properly.