Can't update my email on this forum

Trying to update my email on this forum [], but when I input and save it, it displays this error message:
You are not permitted to view the requested resource.

As the forum is setup to login from your account, you’d need to manage it there. That doesn’t currently let you change the email address directly, instead directs you to the contact form, so I’d suggest trying that.

thank you. i used the contact form. why do they do that though?

@cwork We use unified authentication across the properties. This makes it convenient for people to manage their user profile and any Extras, or Professional Listings with the same credentials. Since email is part of how the various systems and applications are bridged, we need to update those at the central location. This change cannot be done via the forum software (Discourse) as it’s a client of the authentication system and cannot write to it.

The unified authentication is handy for those of us who use other parts of the MODX system, since it lets us log in everywhere with the same credentials.