Can't Create Fred Blueprints

Can anyone clarify how you create a blueprint in Fred? The documentation seems to indicate I should be able to simply save my current page structure as a blueprint but there is no way to do so that I can see. Selecting a category doesn’t produce a save option and newly created categories don’t show up after saving them (though they are saved and show in the backend).

I’ve double checked to be sure I have Fred Admin permissions, so I’m at a loss. I’m able to create a partial blueprint from individual elements, but this seems a bit unnecessary since it’s no different than using the element itself.

What am I missing?

There should be a green button with a plus sign to add new blueprints.

Fred Blueprints

Yep, but clicking it triggers the flyout containing existing blueprints in that category and the plus button disappears. I’d assumed it was just an indication that the category needed to be clicked. When I inspect the markup I can see it is indeed a “Create Blueprint” button, but it’s currently inaccessible. Looks like there is a z-index problem, it’s hidden behind the category <dt>. I’ll try to fix that with a local override, but this is something I should probably post as an issue on github.

Thanks for the tip, at least I know where to look now.

I don’t have the behavior you describe. The button works fine on my system (and never disappears). Maybe it is a browser specific issue?

I think categories are only listed when there exists a blueprint assigned to them.

Turns out it was a conflict with one of my stylesheets. All good now. Thanks for the tips!