Can you use BigCommerce Headless with Modx?

Hi Guys,

I’m sure you’ve heard of BigCommerce, the Shopify alternative. They offer a headless option and a pluging for Wordpress so you can display a BigCommerce store on a Wordpress site. The problem with this is the Wordpress part. Does anyone know if it’s possible to integrate BigCom headless into a modx site?

I am in the middle of a discussion with BigC at the moment so I’ll post my findings here if nobody knows.

Considering the original co-author of MODX Revolution works for BigCommerce, I would think they could answer that question. :sweat_smile:


Hi there, Im not familiar with BigCommerce, but the main reason I love ModX, and moved from the java world to PHP, is that ModX isn’t just a CMS, is a full development framework that lets you build anithing you imagine, to give you and idea, we just finished a platform that uses a oracle ESB as part of the business services in the backend.

Having say that, I would think its a matter of understanding the API or service layer that BigCommerce uses, and basically build the integration, one important thing would be cache managment to improve performance for end user.

Bottom line, I’ll say its a matter of digging into big commerce API, plan your integration strategy, and build the templated front end

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It’s a small world!

As advised, I’ve taken a look at the BigCommerce API and yes it can easily done(for a seasoned developer). The BigCommerce API is very well documented on the BC website.

I’m going to have a go at integrating BigCommerce headless into modx, I’ll post any helpful info on here for anyone else want to have a go.

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Hey @mikecalland ,

Just in case you aren’t aware, there’s also an excellent native e-commerce solution for MODX developed by modmore called Commerce. :wink: