Can you have html email with spform?

I am trying to find and email tpl that I can style?

If I’m understanding you, yes you should be able to do that with SPForm.

Can you tell me where the template is?

My apologies. It’s been a long, long time since I looked at the SPForm code. I thought there was a TPL chunk for the email, but there is not. It just sends whatever the user has entered in the contact form.

If you think about it, when a visitor fills in a contact form, they’re not going to type it in HTML, and converting it to HTML would not be a trivial job.

If you’re thinking about emails you send out being in HTML, take a look at the Notify extra, which lets you create Tpl chunks for outgoing messages.

The FormIt extra will also send emails with more formatting options (but less spam-proofing) compared to SPForm.

FormIt can be used for a contact form with a little work.