Can you group Template Variables

I have a site that displays results of football games. Inside the template I have plenty of TV’s. I have a latitude TV and a longitude TV for Bing Maps. It will display the location of the game on a map. I have hundreds of games and some will be played in the same location. Is it possible to group TV’s? So if you were filling out a new page and when you came to the lat and long section, you could pick a location from a dropdown that would automatically add the lat and long for that location in.

So if you picked Pitch Location One, the lat and long you had attached to the pitch would be picked up?

To achieve something like this, you’d probably have to create a custom database table for the “Locations”.

Then you’d add a new TV of type “listbox” to your “Games” pages, that lists the entries of your “Locations” database table.

The easiest way to create a custom database table (and a custom manager page to manage the data) is MIGXdb (which is a part of the MIGX extra).

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Thanks Harry. I like the idea of this