Can pdoCrumbs from pdoTools be templated?

In the pdoTools suite, can the pdoCrumbs snippet be templated? Is there documentation for the variables and whatever configuration options are availble. Or, does it clone another snippet like pdoResources clones the features of getResources?

Here is the documentation:

Thanks. Why is the documentation fragmented?

Why isn’t that information on here: pdoTools - MODX Extras | MODX Documentation

It’s here in the MODX documentation

(but it looks like currently the title is wrong for this page.)

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The default templates also don’t seem to be the same as indicated in the documentation. A default [[pdoCrumbs]] call wraps everything in OL and LI tags instead of the DIV and SPAN tags.

Yes, the default templates seem to have been changed years ago.
They are defined in the default properties of the snippet:

BTW: If you find errors in the MODX documentation, you can correct them by creating a pull request in the Github repository: