Can MIGX Image field use custom Media Sources?

Is there a trick to getting MIGX to use a custom media source in the image input type?

The image picker seems to be using the default Filesystem media source even though I changed the TVs Media Sources page to use one pointing to my image folder.

In the MIGX configuration, you can set the media source for a field in the tab “Mediasources”.
Depending on the value of the dropdown “source From” (config, tv or migx), MIGX uses the media source that is defined either in the MIGX configuration, the image TV or the MIGX TV.

Also, this video demonstrates the different options:

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Wow. I didn’t know all of that existed. I was just typing JSON lists into the TVs Input Options tab fields: Form Tabs and Grid Columns.

Is there a way to import existing JSON lists into MIGX Management or can media sources be configured through the main TV, to save having to recreate a dozen MIGX setups?

with edit raw in the MIGX CMP you can import the json for formtabs and columns

To avoid using MIGX configurations in the “MIGX Management”, I believe you can also add the property “sourceFrom” to your image field in the input field “Form Tabs:”

"fields": [{
	"field": "image",
	"caption": "Image",
	"inputTVtype": "image",
	"sourceFrom": "migx"

Where is Edit Raw located?

EDIT: Never mind. I found that you have to create and save an item first. Then the option to Edit Raw is available.

As a feature request, it might be nice if the raw data could be typed in during the initial creation. Perhaps the Formtabs and Columns sections could have a “Source Code” button similar to how RichText editors have an option to view the code.

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