Can ImagePlus TV show a preview of selected SVG image

I’ve been using ImagePlus for generating images with srcset in a website, but for some I prefer SVG.
I made a separate TV for handling these SVG images (with generate thumbnail setting to NO).
That works all very well but there’s no preview in the Resource with the TV setting for it. Isn’t that possible with SVG files?

Just use a normal Image TV instead of Image+.

That’s what I thought and tried, but it then puts www/ leading the path and as I’m using Babel as well, I didn’t want to mess with path settings.

So what are your TV settings?
Do you use Default as the “Output Type” in the TV “Output Options”?

I had to revert some things to use the standard Image TV again, but now it omits the leading slash in the path, no www. There’s still no preview in the TV setting for the resource either. Input and Output is set to type Image.

What version of MODX are you using?

I usually prefer using “Default” for the “Output Type” and then adding a <img> tag to the template myself.

I’m using Modx (Cloud) 3.01
The default output produces the same wrong path. Never mind, I’ll use Image+ (without a preview)
Thanks for answering anyway.

I just saw SVG previews have been added in Modx 3.02 :slight_smile: