Can I use a cmp on the frontend?

Hi all,

Here is the question:
I have several forms created with migxdb that are working really well, and also some migx TVs that are complex.

Are you aware of any possibility to use these on the frontend? This would be very interesting and would avoid duplicated work, and would allow to reuse existing functionality.

One example:
I built a gallery with migx with multi upload, and has a bind to a TV, allowing a gallery per resource.

I am using Fred in order to allow frontend editing, and having a way to show the migx form on a modal window or even inside the page html directly (only when Fred is active, of course) would be really handy.

Thanks in advance for your tips.

There is no easy way to run manager - extjs - stuff isolated on the frontend.
You could restrict the manager for specific usergroups to let them see only the CMP.
This would be much easier, than trying to rebuild the CMP on the frontend.

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Hi Bruno. Understood. Thanks for the reply.

Just to give you some more detail: the users using Fred will have access to the backend as content editors.
The idea would involve some process simplification (avoiding them to open manager in a new tab, etc. You know that customers can be really picky. Laziness… :smiley: ).

A modal window will fit here just perfectly with an iframe call to the manager (the user is already logged-on), with direct opening of the resource on the Template Vars tab) allowing the content editor just to edit directly the migx gallery TV for the current resource.

Have you ever tried something like this before?

Thanks in advance