Calling a Formalicious form

Hello all!

Maybe a silly problem, I have a completed Formalicious form but for the life of me cannot get it to show on the page. I have the TV selected, no errors, etc.

[[!FormaliciousRenderForm]] does not work nor does [[!renderForm]]

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Does this work?

[[!FormaliciousRenderForm? &form=`[[*formalicious]]`]]

([[*formalicious]] is the TV.)

Or maybe by using the form id

[[!FormaliciousRenderForm? &form=`1`]]

Thank you again! They both actually work, tho I will have to double check my form inputs while generating the forms. All the check boxes were already filled in the form loaded to the page. Btw my error was in the syntax, I had left off the * (simple to fix but asking is easier than beating my head on the desk lol)