Cache not clearing with use of getFeed

Cache does not appear to be clearing with use of getFeed (Modx Revolution 2.8.3-pl). Though the RSS feed is updating at the URL used in the ‘url’ parameter, web content has not updated accordingly with use of Snippet call as shown below. Replacing URL with a different URL does not always update web content after saving. Is there a specific format that the URL must follow for the cache to clear? Are query strings allowed in the URL as in the example below? Is https (vs. http, as used in documentation) acceptable?

[[!getFeed? &url=`` &tpl=`RSSFeedParser`]]

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It appears that this issue has been around for a while. Offhand, I don’t see a good way around it, but you might be able to do something like this:

[[!getFeed? &url=`[[BustCache]]` &tpl=`RSSFeedParser`]]
/* BustCache Snippet */
return ' &x=' .  time() . ' ';

I don’t think it will work, since the feed software appears to have its own cache.