Building forms in Modx. Where to start?

I’m working on a project and need to set up a few forms (contact form, registration forms, reviews, etc.). But I’ve noticed that there are not a lot of resources showing how to build and run forms on Modx. I’m looking for advice on which extras are best to use with 3.0 and where to even start. Any help would be appreciated.



FormIt is the extra that you want to use to handle the forms.
Read the documentation here or this short overview.

Personally I create the html forms manually, but for that you could also use the extra Formalicious.

If you want to send the form with AJAX instead of reloading the whole page, you can use the extra FetchIt for that.

Also check out SPForm for your contact form. It’s pretty much plug-and-play.

Simple forms in MODX are basically just like forms without MODX, except that the resource contains the form’s HTML, along with a snippet tag. The snippet called by the tag processes the form.

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Machform is an other great option. It is not an extra you install in MODX. While it is a purchased standalone PHP app, it is worth every penny. I first purchased over 10 years ago. I own multiple licenses and our university also uses it.

Basically you create the forms with its form creator. It generates the JS to embed in a resource or chunk. I currently place the JS in chunks. Then I have a TV that allows you to select the chunk for the desired form. A single install of Machform can be used on an ‘unlimited’ number of sites. Our library even used the forms from our install on various social media (Facebook etc)

Machform offers a wide range of field types, workflow options, users/roles, payment, logic, notifications, passing form submissions to other apps, and a great deal more.

For a single site with only 3 forms it might be more than you need. But if you have multiple people receiving the submissions, or building forms it offers a great variety of options for them to assess submissions beyond just receiving an email.

Everyone I’ve shown Machform or convinced them purchase a license thinks it is a great easy to use tool.


There are two tools I always sing their praises, MODX and Machform.

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I can vouch for Machform. If you have non-technical users that need to make their own forms, Machform is amazing.